Tea On Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson’s Toxic Relationship

Their whirlwind romance is no act, but it is toxic, and that toxicity is what will be its demise. Ariana has never fully been the “sweet” girl she promotes herself as, but her newfound love with Pete will soon strip whatever sweetness was left of her. We’ll start to see her act differently in public – erratic, even, and her appearance will also soon change. Not only are Pete and Ariana unhealthily dependent on each other, but Pete is a habitual drug user – cocaine and meth being his drugs of choice.


Pete’s more of the “boss” in the relationship and because Ari is so googly-eyed in love, she’ll do anything he tells her to, including drugs. When they aren’t in public or doing anything related to there careers, they’re having all-day drug binges. Keep in mind though that Pete has been using for years, so his body is used to the affects. Ariana has dabbled in things like cannabis, but not excessively. She’s started using cocaine on a more frequent basis since being with Pete. She hasn’t tried meth yet, but it’s only a matter of time. He can talk her into just about anything.


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