Blac Chyna Is Now Dating A Teenage Pro Boxer

Blac Chyna is apparently dating teenage pro boxer Devin Haney, but what makes this story even juicer is that she was seeing him while she was technically still dating YBN Almighty Jay.


According to TMZ, sources close to Devin told the site that he first hooked up with Chyna about 2-3 months ago, after finding out they had the same lawyer. A girl wants what she wants and Chyna was clearly feeling him and started seeing him frequently after that.

Many people believe that Chyna is out here dating Devin for a check, but the gag is that Chyna actually likes him.

Now, time tables don’t lie, and if Chyna was seeing Devin 2-3 months ago, that would mean she was creepin’ behind her ex YBN Almighty’s back. He was out here thirst trappin’ on the gram though so can you really blame her? The two ended up breaking things off last month.

Guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out!

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