Floyd Mayweather Is Being Sued For $2 Million Dollars By A Nigerian Company For Scamming Them

A Nigerian company is accusing #FloydMayweather of scamming them out of millions of dollars and they are coming for their money  via a lawsuit.


#ZinniMedia claims to have booked Mayweather to make five appearances is Ghana and Nigeria for June 2017 and agreed to pay him $375,000. Floyd had recorded a video saying that he’d be making these appearances and the company reportedly sent him a $210,000 advance. They claim that he ended up not showing up and that left them in a hole. 

In their lawsuit, Zinni claims that they had spoken with Mayweather’s team and agreed for him to come back in December 2017 for $550,000. They were allegedly told that the $210,00 they already gave the boxer could go towards the new amount. Zinni requested that Floyd make a new video to confirm that he’d be there, but he apparently  didn’t honor the deal by failing to show up—nor did he give that $210,000 back!

Now, Zinni Media is suing for $2 million citing that their reputation has been damaged and that Mayweather scammed them. 


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