Woman On Oxygen Dies Hours After Electric Company Shuts Off Power

The incident happened Thursday in Newark, New Jersey. Electric company Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) cut off the power to 68-year-old Linda Daniels’ home around 10 a.m. By 5 p.m., Daniels was dead.


Linda Daniels ( Right)
Daniels’ family told News 12 New Jerseythat she relied on an oxygen tank powered by electricity to breathe. Daniels suffered from congestive heart failure and had been under hospice care since April.

PSEG confirmed to News 12 that it did indeed cut off Daniels’ power, saying the power was shut off after the company tried to reach the family numerous times.

Daniels’ family said when the power wasshut off, the house became extremely hot. Daniels used her backup oxygen tank, but when that ran out, her family called an ambulance. The family said Daniels diedan hour after the ambulance crew left. It is unclear why the first responders left.

Daniels’ two children and granddaughter said they don’t know why PSEG cut off Daniels’ power. They did recognize Daniels had an outstanding balance but claim they were working on paying it off.

The family showed News 12 bank records that confirmed they paid PSEG $500 on Tuesday, just two days before the power was shut off.

The power to Daniels’ home was restored Friday morning. The grieving family said they still have no explanation as to why the power was shut off.

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