Nicki Minaj Gifts Cardi B A Baby Gift Basket

According to a report published by The Blast Nicki Minaj sent Cardi B a gift basket worth $5,000 after the birth of Cardi’s daughter Kulture, the best-named celebrity baby name we’ve had in years. But what is $5,000 to someone Google says is worth $75 million? Pocket change? A casual evening out? Last year she gave over $18,000 to strangers, was this gift shade?


Sources at Petit Trésor in L.A. — which caters to the elite kiddos in town — tell The Blast Minaj just purchased a $5,000 gift basket for Cardi and Offset‘s new baby, Kulture Kiari Cephus. The basket was bought minutes after the birth announcement was made.

We’re told the requirements for the basket were to “make it as girly as possible,” and was stuffed with some of the store’s most sought-after products including luxury seasonal clothes, an assortment of dolls and stuffed animals and, of course, a sterling silver rattle.

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