Gabrielle Union Tells Her Step Sons To Appreciate Black Women More

In a new interview with @Refinery29, #GabrielleUnion, who is a chocolate goddess herself—spoke about how she had to put her stepsons on to the chocolate mami’s.


Gab asked the boys to show her Instagram accounts of girls they were interested in and says, “Literally, probably about 10 girls I looked at had the same light skin, curly hair, tiny waist, butt, boobs — it was the same girl over and over again.”

“So I asked them to show me the most beautiful chocolate sister they’ve seen. They say ‘there are none,’” she said. Adding, ‘They don’t see the beauty unless it comes from an actress or a supermodel or a video vixen,” she explained. “They have to have somebody else tell them that a chocolate woman is attractive for them to believe it.

“I was like, ‘Why do they get exed out so fast? What is happening in your brain that is causing you to look at these women through a prism that is distorting their actual selves?’”

Gabby continued on to discuss the importance of having these conversations and breaking down the standards created by the beauty industry.

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