Police Officers Escort 9 Year Old Jalen Manns Diagnosed With Brain Tumor To Surgery

A 9-year-old Georgia boy named Jalen Manns was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in May and underwent brain surgery on Friday. Before his surgery, Jalen recieved a visit from local police officers who prayed over him and comforted him.



According to CBS News, officers from Warner Wallace Police Station showed up at his front door before he left for his surgery. One officer knelt down beside Jalen and prayed over him. The officer got a little emotional as he began the prayer.

“Lord heavenly father, we just come to you now, Lord God, asking for your words of encouragement and strength today,” the officer says, with one hand on Jalen’s shoulder and one on his K9. Jalen loves German shepherds and has a huge collection of stuffed German shepherds he calls “Jalen’s guard dogs,” his mom, Hannah Manns said.

The officers also walked him around the hospital to get him settled in which was really nice of them. All in all, Jalen’s mom said the prayer her son received not only left her speechless, but also gave them the support they needed.

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