911 Call Reveals LeSean McCoy Called The Police On Delicia Cordon In 2017

It was reported that  #LeSeanMcCoy was accused of orchestrating a home invasion that left his ex-girlfriend, fashion designer #DeliciaCordon, beaten and bloody inside a Georgia home.


Although, McCoy has denied the allegations, Cordon has maintained her claim that he was, in fact, involved in the set-up. But now, as the investigation continues, new details, regarding the status of the former couple’s relationship, have surfaced.

The two split back in June of last year, and as a result, McCoy had been trying to get Cordon out of the Georgia home that he owns. Upon her refusal, McCoy phoned officials to help remedy the situation. However, at the time, he made it clear that he was trying to steer clear of the drama.

In a 911 call obtained by The Blast, which was placed on July 3, 2017, McCoy explained to officials that a young lady would not leave his home, and was trying to steal things from the property. As he continued, he explained that the two dated for a few months but he “let her go 2 weeks ago,” and now, she was trying to “pick a fight.”

“I’m an NFL player, I play for the Buffalo Bills…I don’t want no drama,” McCoy said, adding that he wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

As the call continued, McCoy confirmed that Cordon was no longer on the premises, but that he would be putting her belongings outside. He also revealed that the incident was a verbal confrontation, adding that he had not gotten physical with her.








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