30 Year Old Mother,Katrina Shangreaux, Gruesomely Kills Her 2 Year Old Son For Bed Wetting

According to Rapid City Journal, 30-year-old South Dakota mother Katrina Shangreaux has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for the vicious second degree murder of her 2-year-old son.


Shangreaux killed the boy because he wet the bed like most 2-year-olds are known to do.

She admitted assaulting the toddler multiple times, including with a studded belt. She also threw him to the ground, kicked him in the abdomen and head, and bit him several times. An autopsy found the child died of blunt force trauma.

Kylen had 111 distinct external injuries, and about 70 percent of his body had been covered in bruises, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Collins said at the Rapid City sentencing Tuesday afternoon. The boy also had broken ribs, bleeding in his abdomen and brain, and what looked to be cigarette burns on his head.

“The most shocking was the damage that she did to his scrotum,” Collins said, explaining that the boy’s privates had been torn and practically obliterated from Katrina’s beating.

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