15 Year Old Jailed For Having An Abortion After She Was Raped By Her Brother

A 15-year-old girl raped by her own brother in Indonesia has been jailed for six months for having an abortion.

Residents raised the alarm after finding a male foetus in a village in Jambi province earlier this year, according to local media.

After an investigation, police found the young woman was the baby’s mother.

This week, the teenager appeared in court and was found guilty of committing abortion, which is illegal in Indonesia unless a woman’s life is at risk.

Her 17-year-old brother was also charged with abortion and sexually abusing a minor. He was sentenced to two years in prison for his crime.

A court official said the girl was raped by her brother eight times since September last year, Sky Newsreports.

They added that she had the abortion a number of months after becoming pregnant.

In Indonesia, the law requires that an abortion must be performed by a registered professional no later than six weeks into a pregnancy, and the woman must undergo counselling.

It’s claimed the girl was helped by her mother who is facing separate charges, Sky News reports.

The case came to light after the male foetus was discovered on an oil palm plantation, according to The Jakarta Post.

Prosecutors originally asked that the girl be jailed for one year and her brother for seven years. They are said to be considering appealing the sentences.

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