City Of Minneapolis Helps Jaequan Faulkner Get A Permit For His Hot Dog Stand After Some One Called The Cops On Him

After someone called the cops on 13-year-old entrepreneur #JaequanFaulkner’s #Minneapolis hot dog stand, the city got him a permit instead of shutting him down.

Jaequan opened his own hot dog stand called “Mr. Faulkner’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs” to raise enough money to buy new school clothes for the upcoming school year, according to CBS News. With past experience selling hot dogs, business was booming for Jaequan but then the health department received a complaint about his stand.

City officials say all businesses that serve food to the public must pass city health inspections to get permitted, so instead of shutting Jaequan’s business down, several city departments came together and helped bring his hot dog stand up to code and even covered the $87 fee for the permit.

Jaequan now works four-hour days and hopes to upgrade to a food cart, according to the Associated Press. He also wants to donate some of his earnings to charities that help people with depression.


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