Man, Eric Stagno Strips Naked At A Gym; Thinks It’s Judgement Free Zone

A man completely lost his mind after he thought it was okay to strip his clothes off and exercise naked at a #PlanetFitness in New Hampshire. According to @CBSBoston, this guy had no shame in his game and told authorities that he thought it was a “judgement free zone.”

Eric Stagno, 34, was arrested and hit with three charges of indecent exposure, lewdness, and disorderly conduct.

“When officers arrived, they found him there, completely nude: on his knees in a yoga-type position,” police Captain Brett Morgan said. “He walked into the gym, stripped down at the door, then proceeded to walk back and forth a couple of times before settling in on the yoga mats.”

Witnesses who saw him doing his exercise nude were “disgusted.”

Eric ended up posting the $1,000 bail and has to return to court on September 21.


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  1. “Haha” I can’t…what is going on with people.

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