Update: Oakland Double Stabbing Suspect Has Been Apprehended

The man murdered Nia Wilson aboard a BART train in Oakland has been arrested after a long day of manhunting according to SFGate.

John Lee Cowell was apprehended after a witness who was riding another BART train called the police to notify them that she had spotted him toward Richmond. After combing that area, officers received another call saying that Cowell had jumped trains and was headed in another direction.

Police intercepted the train and found Cowell upon a search. At this time authorities are preparing to interview him and find out exactly what his motive was for his violent attack on the sisters.

Could end up being some racist sh!t

[Police Chief Carlos] Rojas said Cowell wasn’t armed when police approached him, and that Cowell was truthful when officers asked for his name and provided them with a California identification card.


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  1. Do you draw the same conclusions when non blacks are the victims and blacks are the suspects?

    You could.

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