Update: Tekashi69 Says His Kidnap Was An Inside Set Up

Tekashi69 was recently robbed, pistol-whipped and kidnapped. He’s now claiming he thinks the whole thing was set up by someone in his inner circle.

In an interview with @akadmiks he explains why he thinks this was a planned attack, saying: “It was an inside job, it wasn’t no outside n****s. It’s n****s that know how the king of New York moves. The n****s that’s right next to me. The n****s that know who built that sh*t, that got the blueprints.”

Tekashi has publicly addressed the robbery, he’s even hired security and looks to be taking his own safety more seriously. In the interview, he also compared what could have happened in his robbery to that of the late #XXXTentacion, saying: “I’m just happy to be alive. I look at the X situation like, ‘That could have been me.’ That would have been the same situation if I didn’t give it up.”

Though close to $750K was reportedly stolen from #Tekashi, nothing is more valuable than your life!

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