William G. Gross, Is The First Black Cop To Be Police Commissioner In Boston

Boston police veteran William G. Gross is making headlines after news broke that he will be the city’s next police commissioner. What’s amazing about this is that he’s the ‘first person of color’ to hold this title.

Gross, 54, is currently serving under William B. Evans, who is set to retire Aug.4. He will move on as the head of public safety for Boston colleges, according to The Boston Globe

“It shows that any kid in Boston … will have the opportunity to be the mayor, the commissioner or the chief,” Gross said. “If you want to change, you need to change, that is why I became a police officer.”

His mom was present at his ceremony yesterday and he had nothing but sweet things to say about her.

“This is my sincere thanks to the community for helping raise me, guide me and mentor me,” he said. “Women like my mother, who were reinforced by the community, we can do that for every family in Boston. One homicide is too much. One senseless act is too much. … We are going to walk towards each other so we can step forward and overcome any obstacle that we face in this city.”

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