Bay Area News Station In Hot Water Over Slain Nia Wilson’s Photo

Bay Area news station #KTVU is doing damage control after depicting fatal stabbing victim #NiaWilson, just hours after being stabbed to death at an #Oakland #BART station, with a gun when identifying the 18-year-old aspiring rapper. The “gun” in question reportedly was actually a phone case.

Many criticized the station’s choice to use that specific photo. It even prompted the #NationalAssociationofBlackJournalists to release a statement questioning the station’s ethics and condemning the use of the photo, saying it was an “attempt to dismiss her humanity and silence those who view her death as a racially-motivated attack.”

KTVU issued an apology on their nightly newscast, but the NABJ wants more to be done. Meanwhile, it’s being reported that the prosecutor in Nia’s case is asking for a life sentence for suspect #JohnCowell. The parolee did not enter a plea today at his hearing.


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