Lauryn Hill Sues Family Member Over Loan

Lauryn Hill reportedly loaned a relative some money and now she’s learning the hard way that money and family is a complicated mix.

According to a lawsuit obtained by Bossip, the singer is suing her cousin Gerald Hill for breach of contract after she gave him a $65,000 loan that he never paid back. The complaint states he signed a contract agreeing to either pay her back within 3 months with no interest, or pay 10 percent interest after three months. However, now Lauryn believes he never had intentions on paying her back at all.

“Under the terms of their contract, if Gerald Hill defaulted, Lauryn Hill could force him to pay the entire amount, plus her lawyer’s fees and other costs if she had to sue to get the money back,” Bossip reports. Well, looks like sis is doing just that now.

He hasn’t paid her back dime so now she’s requesting the $65,000 back, interest plus damages.

According to BOSSIP, the lawsuit was filed last month in New Jersey.

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